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Washington Nationals: Spring Training 2021 Preview - Pitchers and catchers report...

When they spoke to reporters in December, both GM Mike Rizzo and Nationals’ manager Davey Martinez were optimistic that come mid-February Spring Training would start and they could begin building up for the 2021 season after a disappointing follow-up to 2019 and the club’s World Series win in 2020’s 60-game COVID campaign.

“Now we’ve got a chance to regroup and get ready for another championship season, so I tell the players, I said, our core guys are really good, they’re excited, so we just got to get past this next couple months, and like I said before, I’m very optimistic that we’re going to start February 17th, Spring Training, pitchers and catchers, and we’ll go from there.”

Having been through what they went through in 2020, Martinez said, one key takeaway was that they know to expect the unexpected, with the confidence that they’ll be able to adjust, whatever they have to deal with as they did last season.

“You know, obviously we can’t predict what will happen in the future,” Martinez explained, “but I try to tell the players, ‘Hey, the best thing we can do is stay positive.’ And hopefully we’re back as scheduled and we’re playing in Spring Training mid-February, but we have to prepare for that.

Before many of the moves they made to fill holes on the big league roster, Martinez was, as always, positive about what the future held, and the pieces they already had in place back in December to try to bounce back from last year’s struggles and win another World Series with the core of the roster in place in the nation’s capital.

Rizzo talked after the Nationals acquired Josh Bell from the Pirates in late December, about the kind of roster he was hoping to assemble, before he added Kyle Schwarber to the mix, along with Alex Avila, and then signed pitchers Brad Hand and Jon Lester to bolster the pen and rotation, respectively.

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