The GameStop Wall Street drama is getting a movie adaptation

It has also been a showcase of what happens when ordinary investors step into the ring and give greedy Wall Street brokers a taste of their own medicine.

And if the whole ordeal has been a little confusing to you because you’re too lazy to read up and research on all that is going on ( even though Darryn has made it easy for you ), well then, I have some good news for you as a movie will eventually make the entire drama a little more palatable to watch.

This comes as Deadline reports that MGM has already acquired the rights to a book proposal by author Ben Mezrich that is currently titled ‘The Antisocial Network’, which is going to detail the events behind one of the most exciting few weeks in US trading history.

With an understanding of the stock market and boardroom politics as well, Mezrich’s a safe bet as MGM believes that he can do it again and produce another captivating story.

Even though investment and stock markets would be a topic that could bore many, thanks to movies like The Social Network, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, we know that they can make for exciting films when handled well.

With a story as juicy as this past week has been, you can only imagine that a movie based on the whole saga is likely to be a prime example of how thrilling the world of commerce can really be.

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