Super Bowl 2021 commercial roundup: All of the car ads from the Big Game

Of course, 2020 was a tough year for everyone, so the ratio of humorous commercials to the ones that try and tug at your heartstrings is shaping up to be a little more skewed towards the latter than usual, that's to be expected, and no bad thing.

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It features comedian Will Ferrell at his most unhinged as he tries to rally the US to beat Norway in electric-car adoption , and we get plenty of beauty shots of Cadillac 's extremely handsome Lyriq EV, which is coming for 2023.

Saturday Night Live's (and Goodburger's) Kenan Thompson makes an appearance, as does Awkwafina in the the General's forthcoming Hummer EV.

The Blue Oval has been big on serious, make-you-think-and-get-your-feelings-going kinds of ads for a few years now, and you know with the global pandemic, that the folks from Dearborn were going to double down during the Super Bowl.

Of course, there are likely to be many more car ads that aren't being revealed in advance, but rest assured, we'll be watching the game and sharing those spots with you here as they air, so keep it locked here on Roadshow

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