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SolarWinds Attack Discovered: Microsoft's Analysis Found Around 1000 Developers' Fingerprints

Among the biggest cybercrimes that have happened in recent months is perhaps the SolarWinds breach, which has affected thousands of the IT firm's clients, including several United States government agencies and private companies like Microsoft.

Now, Microsoft president Brad Smith shared a shocking result of the company's analysis of the breach.

(Photo : Stephen Brashear / Stringer)Microsoft president Brad Smith shared results of their SolarWinds analysis.

When the company analyzed the breach, they have found evidence that the code behind the hack has been made by more than a thousand developers.

Besides the Microsoft executive, the news program also talked to FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia.

According to Smith, if it were not for Mandia and FireEye, the attack might have continued and remained undetected for a long time.

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