Shark Tank: Lori Grenier Invests $60k For Women Safety Product

Recently, a 17-year-old university student pitched a product with her brother that got the shark, Lori Grenier, to jump on board immediately.

A 17 years old university student, Shirah Benarde and her brother, Michael, pitched a product called the Nightcap on Shark Tank.

Shirah and Michael also shared how they had originally talked to their parents about their idea and got an investment of $ 18,000 dollars from them.

Along with talking about their idea and the social marketing that they had tried, Shirah also showed a little demonstration of the nightcap drink cover.

Another one of the investors in Shark Tank, Barbara Ann Corcoran, who has been a part of the show since its beginnings, told the siblings that she had never heard Lori sound that passionate about a product before.

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