Porsche to begin producing synthetic fuels in 2022

Porsche sports car boss Frank Walliser said the company is aiming to begin trials of its own synthetic fuel next year, and that it will be compatible with unmodified combustion engines.

"It's a long road with huge investment, but we are sure that this is an important part of our global effort to reduce the CO2 impact of the transportation sector."

Last year, the company announced partnerships with energy firms Siemens Energy, AME and Enel and the Chilean petroleum company ENAP, with the ambition of developing a plant for the commercial production of synthetic fuels , or e-fuels, on an industrial scale.

The plant is set to be in operation by 2022, and will ramp up to producing 55 million litres of synthetic fuel by 2024, and roughly ten times that amount by 2026.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume outlined the motive for the project: “Their advantages lie in their ease of application: e-fuels can be used in combustion engines and plug-in hybrids, and can make use of the existing network of filling stations.”

Porsche sibling brands Volkswagen and Bentley have also discussed the use of e-fuels as a means of sustaining their combustion-engined offering, while McLaren COO Jens Ludman last year revealed that the firm was working on a protoype to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology.

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