PocketBook launches 7.8-inch e-reader with new color E Ink screen

PocketBook tells The Verge that it’s the first device with a new Kaleido panel to be available in the US and Europe.

The specs of the new Kaleido panel are otherwise similar to the previous generation, with 300-dpi resolution for monochrome content and 100 dpi when displaying colors.

The overall screen resolution has been increased to 1404 x 1872, owing to its larger physical size.

A few months ago I reviewed the PocketBook Color , which was one of the first Kaleido e-readers on the market anywhere in the world.

I was generally impressed with the screen technology, but found the 6-inch panel too small to be practical for use cases like magazines and comic books.

A larger, improved display could make the InkPad Color a much more useful device — hopefully we can see for ourselves soon.

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