New Virtual Reality Tool Aims To Reduce Aviation Crashes

Last Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board said it happened to the pilot of the helicopter that crashed, killing basketball star Kobe Bryant and eight others.

INSKEEP: NPR's Russell Lewis reports on the virtual reality technology that is meant to help pilots make better decisions.

RUSSELL LEWIS, BYLINE: On a recent overcast afternoon near Birmingham, Ala., a helicopter of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office prepares to take off.

LEWIS: Inside, pilots Jonathan Johnson and Jerry Griffin scan the instruments and look for other aircraft before lifting off from the Bessemer Airport.

LEWIS: Phillips is also a Blackhawk instructor pilot in the Oklahoma Air National Guard and formed the company after a fatal 2015 crash of a military helicopter in Louisiana.

Tony Kern is CEO of Convergent Performance, a company that works to reduce human error in aviation.

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