New report on Apple's VR headset: 8K in each eye, potential $3000 price tag

At least one version of the headset that Apple is testing includes more than a dozen cameras used for everything from tracking hand movement to delivering a live feed of the space around the user for mixed and augmented reality experiences, instead of just fully immersive VR ones.

Lidar scans the space in front of the sensor to quickly generate a 3D map for the placement of 3D objects, plus accurate shadows, occlusion, and more.

Advertisement Also, some of Apple's biggest past successes came from approaching markets that bore some resemblance to today's VR space.

These were markets that carried a lot of promise, but early players had made only modest headway due to business or design limitations.

Consider the iPod, which swept through a world of mediocre-at-best MP3 players; the iPhone, which transformed a smartphone marketplace that had previously only had niche appeal; the Apple Watch, which was far from the first smartwatch wearable but which was certainly the most successful; and even the personal computer itself back in the early days of the company.

Without an equivalent to the iOS and iPadOS AR app ecosystem and APIs to build on, it's very difficult to imagine strong software support at the launch of this rumored device compared to those cheaper competitors, which would also hamper adoption by consumers.

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