Boston Celtics

Nate McMillan, temporarily taking over as head coach, on what he sees from Hawks

He also wants the Hawks to prioritize staying organized late in games and making the opposing defense work.

“We’re going to go with what we’ve been trying to condition our guys to do all season long, be physical defensively, execute, put together a 48-minute game,” McMillan said.

The Hawks feel their nearing the end of their rebuild this year, but still have several young players who haven’t been a part of a winning season in the NBA yet.

But the defensive-minded coach wants the Hawks to focus on the three C’s: staying calm, clear and connected in the final stretch of games.

In Indiana, we made a big trade for Paul George and we all of a sudden got younger, with a young Victor Oladipo and (Domantas) Sabonis.

But my focus, I signed on to and knew what I was going to be coming into, and what I needed to do, as far as joining coach Pierce’s staff as an assistant and this is the role that I wanted.

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