Knicks: Why They Shouldn't Trade for Bradley Beal

It’s been reported by CBS Sports that, “the Knicks are willing to package young talent, picks ‘to be in the mix when a star becomes available” and knowing the history of this team’s track record, this is definitely plausible.

This means a trade for Beal would essentially cost the Knicks 5 future picks and probably one of RJ Barrett or Mitchell Robinson –This would be an awful decision.

Even though they appeared to be headed to the playoffs, the front office got impatient and offloaded multiple players and picks for Carmelo Anthony .

They are not only playing very good basketball as of late but young players like Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and Mitchell Robinson have all made massive strides this year.

The Brooklyn Nets already showed the world last offseason that being competitive in the New York market makes you extremely attractive to star free agents.

Adding Beal to this current core of Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, and Immanuel Quickley would give the team a way higher ceiling than if they met the Wizards asking price for him.

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