Jim Boeheim on bottom line: Syracuse needs to play better defense to succeed going forward

SU, whose strategy seemed designed to distract the Pack from the perimeter, still failed to find those open shooters, some of them lurking beneath those forwards in the wide-open corners.

The 6-foot-7 Jericole Hellems breezed into the high post area, caught the ball and either drove it to the rim, took a short jump shot or fed it to the looming Manny Bates inside.

The Orange, likely “instructed” at halftime to dig deeper and play smarter, suddenly started guarding the Wolfpack.

With the forwards mostly occupied with Bates down low or the occasional corner shooter, Dolezaj essentially played man defense on Hellems.

Afterward, Jim Boeheim discussed the battles Dolezaj is waging every game against bigger, stronger post men.

(“Marek’s fighting a war out there by himself.”) Boeheim wants his forwards to lift some of the weight from Dolezaj, to help protect the valuable real estate near the rim.

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