Simona Halep

Internet Calls Out 'Double Standards' In Australian Open After Serena Williams Match

Serena Williams advanced in the Australian Open following an intense match against her opponent Aryna Sabalenka.

Yet when Serena reacted this way, they called her an angry and aggressive BW, fined her, and made racist caricatures of her.

The announcers were far more understanding of this white woman being upset and even praised her for losing this match more than Serena who actually won it.

Williams, most likely still stinging from the officials’ calls, took the time to put her arm around Osaka and say a few encouraging words.

At the time, the people of Twitter pointed out that male tennis players don’t face the same scrutiny or consequences for getting angry during a game.

People quickly took to social media to point out that white female players don’t face the same consequences when they get emotional or heated on the court.

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