IBM Promises 100x Faster Quantum Computing in 2021

IBM has been scaling up its own quantum computing efforts over the past few years, and the company is now claiming it’ll deliver a 100x improvement in certain workloads.

The company isn’t going to deliver this improvement solely through hardware, but through the deployment of new software tools, algorithms, and models.

IBM has continued to hit higher quantum volume values without increasing the number of physical qubits in the system.

In 2023, the company will launch new circuit libraries and control systems that give developers access to large qubit fabrics.

There are some obvious parallels here with the advent of classical computing and the creation of more advanced programming languages that hid complexity from the end-user.

If IBM can keep quantum volume rising alongside its actual number of qubits, and if its software delivers the kind of improvements the company claims, we may see quantum computers begin to seriously challenge classical machines in a wide range of practical problems over the next three to six years.

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