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How to get Guilty Gear Strive beta – start times for PS4 and PS5

A playable demo for Arc System Works’ newest fighting game is right around the corner for PS4 and PS5 users, and a starter guide trailer has been released for Nagoriyuki to whet the appetite of gamers.

There are some people asking how to get the Guilty Gear Strive open beta, and here you’ll discover everything you must know including its release times for when it will start.

This means the Guilty Gear Strive beta will also start at 22:00 ET on the same day, as well as 03:00 GMT time on February 18th.

Those who pre-order the game on either PS4 or PS5 will be able to download the first sample on February 17th at 10:00 PT, but it will not be playable until its servers open.

As previously mentioned, there will be 13 playable characters, and there will also be plenty of available modes such as Versus and Network.

You will not need PS Plus in order to enjoy online bouts, but a network connection will be required at all times even for offline modes.

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