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Hearthstone 2021 Expansion: Everything We Know

This year promises to be bigger than most, as the company will not only be debuting its new expansion and annual changeover, it will also be making some big changes to how the card pool in Hearthstone works.

A short teaser-trailer titled "Quill You Be Ready" shows a lone adventurer in the middle of a dry landscape, who is then surrounded by the Horde logo.

Each year of Hearthstone content includes three major expansions, alongside any bonus updates like the addition of the new Duels mode with Darkmoon Faire.

These are the cards that defined class identity and mechanics, and for the entire history of the game, Blizzard has built expansions around these features.

It also sports its own ladder and matchmaking pool, so you can compete, unlock achievements, and even reach Legend rank completely in Classic Mode if it strikes your fancy.

Those experience points then go toward unlocking rewards like gold, card packs, alternate hero portraits, and even a special seasonal version of The Coin.

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