GameStop to Distribute Shiny Toxtricity for Pokemon Sword and Shield

A planned Shiny Toxtricity promotion for Pokemon Sword and Shield has leaked online.

A new Reddit post has leaked an upcoming GameStop promotion , which will provide players in the United States and Canada with a Shiny Toxtricity.

Players will receive a QR Code that they can scan in the Pokemon Pass app to unlock the Shiny Toxtricity in their games.

The upcoming expansion will feature over 120 Shiny Pokemon cards, and many stores have already run out of pre-orders due to high demand.

One reason for the high demand is that, unlike normal expansions, Shining Fates won't have individual booster packs for sale.

Instead, fans will need to buy special box sets and tins to get the cards.The crown jewel of the expansion is the Shiny Charizard VMAX card, which will likely sell for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

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