Experts predict record wing consumption for this year's Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Chicken wing consumption is at an all-time high this weekend, according to experts who say the Super Bowl is helping fuel a fire that's been growing since the start of the pandemic.

The National Chicken Council's Tom Super said the trend is on par with restaurant wing sales.

In an industry that's seen an 11% decline in traffic, sales of wings are up 7%, and for the big game, they're up 2% over last year.

Those wing sales have forced people like Rafalidis to take extreme measures to fulfill their orders.

"It's true the wing market is tight right now and wholesale prices are a little high, but there won't be a shortage," he said.

According to Super, Americans are expected to eat a record 1.42 billion wings for the big game.

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