Disney's Trailer For Cruella Is Packed Full Of Great Old British Cars

And, it looks like Cruella amassed her fortune via some kind of attack on a wealthy, possibly aristocratic family, ending in a massive act of arson?

That brown, likely manual station wagon back there appears to be a Mk 1 Ford Granada Estate, meaning the earliest this can take place is 1972; I’d guess we’re supposed to be around that era here, maybe 1975 or so.

Yes, we’re finally at the car that will be associated with Cruella DeVil, because she drives the hell out of it in the original animated movie, where it has angry-looking headlight-eyes that sort of suggest a bit of malevolent sentience, as well as a surprising agility in snow for a RWD beast with such a massive inline engine.

The footage would then be run through the same Xerox process that was being used to transfer pencil line work onto cels and then painted to what was seen in the final film.

I really like how the grille is pretty obviously exaggerating the actual size of the air intake, the way it makes a friendly and bemused face there with the round headlamps.

These are amazing cars, and were in many ways Britain’s answer to the Citroën DS, with somewhat related styling and similarly advanced technical design.

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