Dave Portnoy accuses Jose Canseco of taking 'dive' in $1 million boxing fiasco

Jose Canseco made over $1 million fighting a 22-year-old Barstool Sports employee for just a few seconds Friday night — and it did not go over well with the brash media company.

The 56-year-old disgraced former baseball star was accused of taking a “dive” when he crumbled 12 seconds into the headline match for the media company’s $20 pay-per-view amateur boxing event, “ Rough ‘N Rowdy .”

Portnoy later said that Canseco was guaranteed $50K and double that if he won, as well as a revenue share if Barstool broke its record for PPV purchases.

An admitted steroids user who outed several baseball stars including Alex Rodriguez, Canseco earned more than $45 million playing baseball, but filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and has struggled financially since.

A-Rod hosts a business podcast with Barstool Sports, and when he declined Canseco’s invitation to the ring, the media company stepped in.

Billy Football, whose real name is unknown, is described as an “intern” for “Pardon My Take,” Barstool’s popular sports podcast.

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