Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers in a team-wide search for consistency following loss to Timberwolves

The Cavaliers find themselves in a rut, and it is a lack of decision making and conviction that has them stuck on the side of the road, wheels spinning in the mud, trying to get their season back on track.

The Cavs aren't long removed from their back-to-back wins over the Brooklyn Nets that had them above .500 despite playing much of the season with half — at the most — of the roster healthy.

Head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has aimed to maintain physicality and competitiveness as two hallmarks for the Cavs on a nightly basis.

Part of it, as Drummond sees it, has to do with the Cavs simply being a younger team making its way through a season together.

"I think the reason we aren’t ourselves right now is because we have a lot of young guys that haven’t played as many games in a row," Drummond said.

But in a word, the Cavs have seemed to momentarily abandon the kind of physicality and competitiveness that served as their identity during their best stretch of the season.

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