Brooke Baldwin to Depart CNN

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, who has been a staple of the news channel's afternoon lineup since she joined the company in 2008, will depart next month.

"The next chapter of my life will be focused on what I love the most about my work, amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans, and putting my passion for storytelling to good use."

Baldwin added that her book, called Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power , will also be released in April.

His announcement raised questions about what parent company AT&T planned to do with the venerable cable news channel.

Baldwin announced her departure just a month after CNN unveiled a rejiggering of its dayside lineup , which saw an expansion of Jake Tapper's 4 p.m. program The Lead to 6 p.m. Baldwin's show had been temporarily pulled from CNN's schedule in the lead-up to last year's presidential election, returning later in November.

Cable news hours do not open up very often, and whoever CNN chooses to take over 3 p.m. will send a message for what the channel's priorities are.

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