Albertans complete world's longest hockey game, await Guinness World Record approval

TORONTO -- After spending around 252 hours in frigid temperatures, a group of 40 courageous Albertans have completed what is believed to be the world’s longest hockey game -- all while making a difference for cancer patients.

This year is the seventh edition of the World’s Longest Hockey Game, a fundraising initiative which has raised over $5.47 million since 2003 for "leading-edge equipment and research at the Cross Cancer Institute," according to the group's website.

Rocked by their deaths, Saik decided to channel his grief into advocacy and continued raising funds for medical research.

“The Alberta government were awesome in helping me and explaining to me how it would be possible,” Saik told CTV News Channel on Monday about receiving a provincial exemption to organize the game amid current pandemic rules.

The inaugural World’s Longest Hockey Game was held in 2003 and consisted of 40 players playing 80-consecutive hours.

THAT’S A WRAP Over the last 252 hours, every record has been broken: lowest temperatures, greatest number of pucks...

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