WEE : Triple H hates fans chanting “Too Sweet Whoop Whoop!”

Although it is no secret, the current Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champion, Karl Anderson, recently made a statement confirming that Triple H hates fans belting out “Too Sweet Whoop Whoop!” .

Yes, that song with which the gesture with the hands that the always powerful BULLET CLUB performs is remembered.

His words were given in the most recent edition of the Talk’n Shop, the podcast he has with Doc Gallows.

“Our contractual obligations are to Impact Wrestling and we made a surprise debut at AEW, which in my mind, shocked the world.

People probably thought it was going to happen, that it was going to come one day, but social media was going crazy.

“I still wish that had happened in 2019, but to do it where we were and having a live crowd of faAngry AEW fans chanting ‘Too Sweet’ was great .

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