Vin Diesel talks Fast & Furious 9, Han's return, and space

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It's been almost a year since you were in Miami for Super Bowl weekend, where you held a concert event to drop the epic first trailer.

I talked to director Justin Lin for the trailer release, and he said he was really excited about the Jakob idea and then "the next emotional beat for me was that I was kind of scared s---less of like, 'Well, who is going to be a Toretto?!'"

After the loss of her onscreen husband Paul Walker, she sat out Fate of the Furious , since it can be hard to explain why Mia is around and Brian isn't.

It was one of the things that was the most…there were so many elements that were most exciting but bringing back the Mia character in a real solid way just added that many more dimensions to the complexities of the family.

The announcement was made a few months ago that you guys will do two more films after Fast 9 to wrap up the main series , as you still continue to build the world out via other spin-offs and vehicles.

And as we hopefully approach the release of F9 , what would you tell fans to expect when they finally get to sit in a theater and see Dom and the crew back on the big screen?

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