Samsung's new JetBot 90 AI+ robot vacuum doubles as a roving security camera

Enter Samsung's new AI-powered JetBot 90 A.I.+ robovac, which has all the smarts and sensors necessary to specifically avoid the stubborn spots it can't clean up properly.

It’s been several years since Samsung released its last robot vacuum cleaner , so the pressure is on to deliver something solid and make up for lost time.

Because the other companies on our list of the best robot vacuums , like iRobot and Shark, certainly haven’t been taking it easy, Samsung aims to bring its A game.

According to Samsung, the JetBot’s key advantage is that it mixes AI smarts with object recognition to better clean a room.

That includes using LiDAR to gauge distance and track its location for more precision, as well as a 3D sensor with object recognition that can recognize what’s on the floor and how best to clean around it.

Like most robot vacuums, it will also map out the most efficient route, avoid objects in its path, and can return to its charging station to both recharge and empty itself into a separate bag.

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