Rachel Uchitel Says She Apologises To Just One Person; Opens Up About Her Side Of The Tiger Woods Story

Rachel Uchitel, often referred as Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress, feels that she isn’t obliged to apologise to many people.

This happened right before her upcoming appearance in the HBO two-part docuseries “Tiger.” The series tells a lot about the Woods’ career and his affair.

“I spent 10 years having a lot of the media be very snarky in the way that they write about me, the public be very angry in the way they speak about me and the way that they perceive me, and I have felt like they have wanted an apology from me,” Uchitel said.

Her alleged affair with Woods reportedly winded up over 10 years ago, so Rachel feels that the public shouldn’t be hard on her.

After facing numerous allegations Woods managed to make a comeback in 2019 by winning the Masters Tournament.

It will feature Rachel staring at Woods for the very first time in a nightclub in New York.

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