Magic: The Gathering's take on Diablo will be playable in March

While Magic: Legends is in the same genre as the Diablo titles, Magic: The Gathering is best known as a competitive card game where players build decks and battle opponents.

Each deck is made up of 12 spells, with four available at a time.

New spells cycle in randomly as the player uses the tools at their disposal, creating a system where players can determine what specializations and tactics they want to pursue, while still having elements outside of their control in moment to moment combat.

Players familiar with Magic: The Gathering will recognize the five schools of magic: White, Red, Blue, Black, Green.

Green focuses on nature magic, like summoning massive creatures and controlling the world around you, while Black is about necromantic magic and deadly curses.

For instance, a Blue magic class can go ahead and build a Red/Green hybrid deck without worrying about incompatibilities.

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