Kurtenbach: 49ers have to drop Garoppolo to compete for Super Bowl rings

When those rookie contracts expire and new, market-value quarterback deals are handed out, tough decisions will be made.

And while Brees might not be that guy anymore, the Saints have spent money to build a team around him like was on a rookie deal.

They paid quarterback Jared Goff but, like the Saints, they haven’t stopped spending, as they are tacitly aware that he cannot elevate his team.

Ask the Seahawks, whose only Super Bowl win came with Russell Wilson on a rookie contract, how doing that year-in, year-out, feels.

There’s plenty of speculation that Deshaun Watson, a three-time Pro Bowler at age 25, is interested in being traded too.

And with the salary cap staying flat or perhaps even dropping next season, that formula alone is enough to knock the 49ers well out of the class of true Super Bowl contenders for 2021.

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