How Can 'Jeopardy!' Replace Alex Trebek? See Game-Show History

When Bob Barker left “The Price Is Right” after 35 years of giving out cars and vacations to Hawaii, many people wondered whether the show would survive.

For many viewers, “The Price Is Right” was not so much about guessing the cost of, say, a new dinette set as it was about Barker’s reassuringly familiar smile, his grandfatherly presence and the ease with which he explains the various games to star-struck contestants.

“Jeopardy!” began a new era Monday without Alex Trebek, its host of 36 years, who died in November and whose last episode was broadcast Friday.

He and Richards agreed that while Barker had a self-assured, authoritative air as host, Carey’s strengths lay in his interactions with audience members and his colleagues onstage.

To give Carey more people to banter with onstage, Richards decided to provide the models with microphones, no longer relegating them to miming beside furniture sets and hot tubs.

He also set out to modernize the prizes so that they would soak up a bit more of the attention: Instead of simply giving away a trip to Hawaii, for example, they’d add in something like a Ferrari rental and a night out on a yacht, Richards said.

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