Google's Fitbit acquisition is official

Following regulatory scrutiny on both sides of the pond, Google this morning announced that it has completed its acquisition of wearables pioneer, Fitbit.

Google’s use of the vast amount of user health data has long been the key sticking point of regulatory concern of the deal.

Ultimately, however, the company struggled to maintain dominance with the arrival of the smartwatch, eventually ceding significant marketshare to the Apple Watch.

It’s not entirely dissimilar from its purchase of HTC assets to help grow the Pixel line of phones, though there’s still enough cache in the Fitbit brand to keep it alive.

In late 2019, Google also acquired Timex smartwatch technology for $40 million, making it extremely likely that the company will be taking on the Apple Watch directly.

Understandably so, the product has not only been a massive hit for Apple, it’s opened the door to all sorts of health offerings, including the recently launched Fitness+ .

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