Google Discovers North Korean APT Hackers Threaten Security Researchers via Social Media Malware!

Google has recently unveiled a report that says it detected several security researchers to be the new targets of North Korean hackers using the APT system, with the company's Threat Analysis Group (TAG).

The internet company from Mountain View's security research team, Threat Analysis Group (TAG), has recently discovered that North Korean hackers have been on the social media platforms, awaiting victims to engage.

Notably, Google's TAG is mainly concerned with hunting hackers which mainly use the APT type method of hacking that is comparable to covert operations in the military.

Google's TAG believes that the North Korean government supports these hackers and has issued a warning to all security researchers who are targets of the hacking campaign.

Moreover, it is worth noting that several social media platforms were invaded by these North Korean hackers, masquerading as normal accounts, waiting for their prey to bite the bait.

According to ZD Net , apart from social media platforms, the North Korean hackers would also use web browsers, emails, and blog sites to distribute its malware and hack the security researchers after accessing it.

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