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Good Doctor's Christina Chang Weighs In on Lim's PTSD ('This Is the Beginning of the Break') and That Final Scene

The Good Doctor ‘s winter premiere culminated in a brutal wake-up call for Dr. Audrey Lim.

The ABC medical drama, which exists in a post-COVID world, explored the emotional fallout from the pandemic through the eyes of St. Bonaventure’s chief of surgery, who was determined to bury her feelings and go about her life, business as usual.

But it was clear as she lashed out at Jordan (who let her personal beliefs interfere with an abortion procedure) and Shaun (who refused to teach the interns after Asher’s fatal mistake ) that she was not OK.

After she treated Ben ( The Baker and the Beauty ‘s David Del Rio), an Iraq war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, Lim went for a joy ride and crashed her motorcycle.

She’s got quite a large role [as chief of surgery], and she’s in charge of a lot of staff, so it’s not OK in her mind to have any kind of issue.

TVLINE | Claire tried to intervene — she even revealed her own PTSD diagnosis, and how Melendez helped her through her time of need — but Lim shut her down.

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