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'We Did a Lot Right': SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Opens Up About Pandemic Football

On upcoming legislative issues, he strongly believes the annual 25-man cap on new enrollees for football should be adjusted to reflect the sport’s growing transfer market, and he thinks all athletes who remain on their current teams through their careers, not just seniors, should receive an extra year of eligibility.

And if we aren’t bringing people together, which was my intent the whole way through at the conference level, then we need to take a step back, because we’re not going to solve the problems by all running in our own directions.

At the same time, there are vast differences across Division I. I opined that I was disappointed in what I’d view as a shallow report presented by the Knight Commission.

We had played college football through World Wars, political unrest, social change, economic upheaval, found a way through five pandemics.

The commitment of teams and coaches and players and athletic programs participating in bowl games has to be discussed and understood moving forward.

The exemption is if you are a final-year student athlete and eligibility was extended and you come back to the same school, you don’t count on financial aid limits for that year.

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