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Pure Land in ChinaBuddhism entered China around 2,000 years ago and developed a following slowly as scriptures became available in translation and missionaries learned to communicate their message.The story of Dharmākara’s vows proved especially popular.

Striving for buddhahoodIn the sixth and seventh centuries, three monks named Tanluan, Daochuo and especially Shandao provided new interpretations and practices that gave the ordinary believer complete access to the Pure Land without them needing to earn or deserve it.

Pence, a staunch loyalist until the climax of Trump’s effort to overturn the election, has signaled no intention of joining such a move.Republicans in the House duly blocked the Democratic resolution.But it was followed by the introduction of an impeachment article citing “incitement of insurrection”.

Mitt Romney of Utah was the only Republican to vote to convict – on the charge of abuse of power.If Trump were convicted after he had left office, he would be barred from seeking office again, as opponents fear is his plan.After the attack on the US Capitol, the president retreated from the public eye, banned from Facebook and Twitter, condemned by former allies and vowing not to attend Biden’s inauguration on 20 January.His silence was filled by full-throated calls from Democrats for his ejection from office – and meek pushback from some Republicans calling for national “unity” after their attempt to overturn the November election produced one of the most egregious acts of violence on Capitol Hill in two centuries.There are now signs that die-hard Trump loyalists are planning to march on the Capitol yet again, on Inauguration Day, in an event branded online as “A Million Militia March”.The FBI has arrested dozens of participants in last week’s rioting and continued to circulate wanted posters of suspects, potentially dampening participation in another rally.But with nine days to go to the inauguration, officials were planning to secure the area.

Biden, incoming Vice-President Kamala Harris and their families will be joined by the former presidents and their families in a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, ABC reported.Such plans were made as the nation struggled to come to terms with the violence last week in which five were killed and dozens injured.On Monday, Melania Trump released a widely ridiculed statement in which she honored all of the dead, placing a Capitol police officer who died after confronting rioters next to a rioter who was shot while seeking to force entry to the inner sanctums of Congress.The first lady also sought to portray herself as a victim, of what she called “salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks and false misleading accusations”.

I am sure that everybody who knows Derkach is not surprised to hear about the sanctions.”Rudy Giuliani and His Ukraine Ally Sprint Away from Their ‘Russian Agent’ PalTelizhenko’s efforts to show that he was not close to the Kremlin asset evidently did not dissuade the U.S. Treasury from going after him as well.Giuliani’s off-the-books Ukrainian intelligence operation, which included a ploy to prove that it was not Putin who intervened in 2016, ultimately ended up with his client, President Trump, being impeached by the House of Representatives.

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