Boston Celtics

Bulls' lack of physicality is an invitation for opponents to attack

The Bulls’ roster isn’t suddenly going to have a handful of players hit a magical growth spurt.

That worries coach Billy Donovan because there is an obvious blueprint that continues giving his team problems.

‘‘The only way you can beat size and physicality is through ball movement and through a willingness and a commitment to cutting and moving.

It happened early in the season against the Hawks and in a beatdown at the hands of the Bucks, then again against the Lakers, who opened a 30-point lead at halftime.

Even Zach LaVine, who gets lead-guard duties at some point in every game, admitted the Lakers capitalized on a weakness the Bulls have shown too often.

But the turnovers that concern Donovan come when opposing teams are physically imposing their will on the Bulls, who seem to go through spurts where they stand around and take it.

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