Cleveland Browns

'The Browns Is the Browns'

If the entire story feels too Hollywood, too contrived to be the actual narrative of an NFL football team in a singular season, remember all the people standing to benefit from its goodwill.

The Browns fans and alumni—who have endured years of gross administrative incompetence , wasted draft capital, blown games, organizational infighting, regime changes and one emotional Sunday chinlock after the next—could not just simply have a team that turned things around and one day found themselves on the sunny side of competence.

It had to be a 28-point lead that throttled everyone like a shot of Patrone on an empty stomach before the whole thing eroded over the course of three hours, becoming more reminiscent of the anxious, white-knuckle affairs that this franchise has made its calling card over the years.

During his introductory words following Sunday’s win, Preifer, a Cleveland-born Navy veteran, said that he felt great happiness for the people that care about the Browns and admitted that he grew up one of them.

Steelers wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster said it best earlier in the week, describing the team with the kind of disgusted indifference one might use to talk about an insect infestation or a neighborhood package thief during the holidays.

Before the game, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield posted the latter part of that quote on his Instagram page and yelled it again as he ran into the tunnel and back into the locker room, where teammates were dancing and connecting with all of their injured, or sick counterparts via FaceTime to join in on the celebration.

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