Bathing in Your Own Filth Has Never Been So Fancy

Published 9 hours ago: January 12, 2021 at 3:34 pm-Filed to: ces 2021kohler kohler stillness bathsmart bath

This year it feels like Kohler is personally targeting me and my unhealthy love of baths.

While I thought my bath caddy (with built in book and wine glass holder) made me a fancy lady, the company has proven me extremely wrong.

This triumph of human will comes with mood lighting, fog generation and an aromatherapy ‘experience tower’.

Instead, the water fills from the bottom of the tub and overflows into a casual wooden moat tat surrounds it.

There’s no word on exactly when it will be hitting the market (or if it will come to Australia) but the most expensive version of the Kohler Stillness smart bath comes in at $US16,000, which is just shy of $21,000.

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