343 To Save Halo Infinite's 'Huge' Announcements For A Later Date

"While we will always strive to inform and delight our community with these updates, this isn’t the place for huge announcements, specific feature deep-dives, or gameplay trailers.

We know you’re all very eager for updated campaign gameplay, a proper multiplayer reveal, public flighting, and many other specific aspects of Halo Infinite .

That will all come in due time as large industry events take center stage and the Halo marketing machine kicks into high gear."

Although the team isn't "committing" to any specific dates just yet, the big months for 343 could potentially be around June, July and August, and it'll likely be more than just Waypoint blogs - with plans to ready a "strong roadmap post-Summer" in the lead-up to Halo Infinite's launch.

"June, July, and August typically deliver big moments across the entire games industry so while we’re not committing to anything specific yet, we expect to have more than just Waypoint blogs this Summer.

And in full transparency, we’re still actively working across the teams to make sure we have a strong roadmap post-Summer leading up to launch this Fall.

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