Tuck Tucker, animator and storyboard director for Hey Arnold! and SpongeBob, dies at 59

creator Craig Bartlett paid tribute to Tucker in an Instagram post, which also included art from the Nickelodeon series.

"A great friend, a master draftsman, a tireless practical joker, a brilliant storyteller, the first one I reached out to when I began 'Hey Arnold!'

"I’ll always remember him at his drawing board, arms blackened to the elbows with graphite, eraser shavings everywhere, bringing my characters to life," Bartlett continued.

Other shows he worked on included Family Guy, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, A.L.F., and Camp Lazlo!

More recently, he directed episodes of The Fairly OddParents and was a storyboard revisionist for the upcoming Bob's Burgers movie.

Tucker also taught graphic and animation design at Longwood University in Virginia, his home state.

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