Summit Mall closed suddenly day after Christmas due to fights, city officials say

FAIRLAWN, Ohio (WOIO) - Summit Mall closed abruptly Dec. 26 after young people decided to gather there, leading to fights and concerns about COVID-19, the City of Fairlawn said.

Even though the Fairlawn Police Department and Summit Mall management knew about and attempted to control the situation, a number of fights caused management to close the mall altogether.

The young people in the mall left after they were asked to do so.

The City of Fairlawn also said that, contrary to social media rumors, no shots were fired at the mall Saturday; the loud bangs people heard were stores closing their gates.

There are no reports of looting or injuries, and police didn’t arrest anybody.

“Our department will continue to assist Summit Mall with maintaining a safe shopping experience in the future,” the city said in a release.

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