Power Book II: Ghost Recap: Monsters, Money and One Angry Monet

To borrow a phrase from the film adaptation of this week’s Canonical Studies text: The plot to get Tariq St. Patrick on the stand in his mother’s murder trial?

They know she’s got some charges against her, but they float the idea that she could avoid jail time and retain custody of her kid… if she’s willing to testify at Tasha’s trial.

MAN ON A MISSION | Tariq tracks Epiphany to the house and is about to pull out his gun when she mentions that Davis MacLean and “some square white boy” (heh) were there.

Paula confronts Davis about lying about Epiphany and not telling her about his side deal with Saxe, and the level of their whisper-shouting is quite admirable.

| When Tariq goes to the bar to meet Monet, he’s very upfront about telling her that he gave Epiphany the money earned from selling Tejada drugs.

Davis is setting you up.” We learn that she’s no longer working for him, and she shows him the graveyard video that Saxe gave MacLean weeks before.

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