Maryland is a public transit leader for the wrong reasons: It's No. 1 in breakdowns | COMMENTARY

MTA’s performance wouldn’t be acceptable in any industry — try telling your boss you’ll be late 1½ days per week and see how that goes over — so why does Gov.

Maryland is a leader in many industries and our governor has proclaimed we are “open for business.” Why do we not then ensure that employees and customers (or patients) can access those businesses?

By MDOT’s own analysis, MTA has been sorely neglected in the past six years: It identified over $2 billion in unfunded essential maintenance and needed enhancements for our buses, subways, commuter trains and light rail over the next decade.

By not addressing infrastructure and maintenance needs, we are consigning tens of thousands of riders to an unreliable system, making their daily commutes or other trips unpredictable and difficult.

This year, Sen. Cory McCray and I will again be proposing legislation to provide the funding necessary to create a safe and reliable transit system.

MDOT will deliver the capital budget to the General Assembly in January, but if the draft released in October holds, the funding gap will have significantly grown; residents and businesses simply cannot sustain this underinvestment.

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