In 2021, your flagship phone needs a superzoom camera

Though it may sound excessive, true 5-10X optical zoom in a phone camera has countless real-world use cases — everything from shooting wildlife or pets without getting close enough to spook them to gaining a unique perspective in landscape or airplane window shots or capturing far-off landmarks with greater fidelity.

This year, the Huawei P40 Pro+ showed just how far that idea could be taken, with a double-periscope lens producing 10X optical zoom in a device with no moving parts, which still fits inside your pocket.

And it's a continuation of a trend that started back with the P20 Pro and Google Pixel 3, where smart night modes were able to capture more detail than our eyes could see in the dark.

When you're playing with around 50 megapixels, hybrid zoom shots in the 2-3X range can produce great results, meaning your dedicated telephoto should aim somewhere higher than this.

Rather than including two or three extra cameras that might as well, for all practical purposes, be stickers on the back of the phone, manufacturers should double-down on a decent wide, ultrawide, and superzoom combination.

The multitasker's case The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, introduced back in the summer of 2018, is ginormous, so carrying your wallet around too means heavy pockets.

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