Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 may still be Android underneath

Harmony OS 2.0 is being positioned to finally break away from Google’s mobile platform, at least as far as Huawei smartphones are concerned, but it may turn out to still be based on Android after all.

Unlike the first Harmony OS release that landed on IoT hardware like smart TVs, version 2.0 is will be targeting smartphones.

Naturally, developers were all too curious about Huawei’s own mobile OS and poked around until they found disappointing but also unsurprising clues.

There’s still a chance that this situation is applicable only for the beta testing phase to get app developers up and running quickly with tools they may already have.

After investing so heavily in AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Services, both based on Android, it would be a complete waste if it threw them all out immediately.

It could be a strategy to get developers to rely on Huawei APIs that would then be used to seamlessly transition to an OS that will completely be free of any trace of Google.

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