How to choose a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine for Christmas, New Year's and beyond

In my house, they pop regularly, because I'm of the belief that sparkling wine goes with almost everything, doesn't need to empty your wallet and should be sipped year-round — whether cava, Champagne, or prosecco, or crèmant de Loire.

Veuve Clicquot is one of the most visible brands, but if you want to explore the sensory possibilities, ask your local wine purveyor for grower Champagne made by a small family producer.

Originating in northeast Italy, prosecco is produced from the white grape glera and gains fizziness via secondary fermentation in a tank, rather than a bottle.

Prosecco can also have exuberant, fat, lasting bubbles and are pretty versatile — this is the sparkling wine to use in mimosas or Aperol spritzes.

LOCALLY The 2019 sparkling rosé from Shinn Estate ($42) in Mattituck was recently released, and is made mostly from chardonnay, with a touch of pinot noir.

LOCALLYChanning Daughters in Bridgehampton is the epicenter of local pét-nats, and produce a wide range (all $28) made from grapes such as merlot or tocai friulano.

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