Cold Moon 2020: Check timing and significance of year's last lunar event — details inside

The last lunar event of the year generates enthusiasm and excitement among the space enthusiasts and sky watchers as the last full moon of the year lights up the dark and dense sky for two cold nights before the year comes to an end.

While the countries situated in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the season of cold winters during the event, the countries situated in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing the Summer season at the end of the year.

However, the name of the lunar event remains the same – Cold Moon – in accordance with the climate conditions of the Northern Hemisphere at the fag end of the year.

The event is also known as the Long Nights Moon in the countries situated on the coast of the Atlantic ocean including the United States.

In addition to being coterminous with the winter solstice, the Cold Moon event also starts immediately after Christmas which is celebrated on December 25 and lasts for about two cold nights.

The year 2020 which is approaching its end soon was quite exciting for the community of space enthusiasts and sky watchers as they also witnessed the ‘Christmas Star’ and the great conjunction of two planets namely Jupiter and Saturn before the Christmas.

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