With Gucci Mane and Jeezy set to face off in Verzuz on Thursday, who do you think will emerge victorious when all is ...

Though Verzuz battles are largely meant to be a healthy competition in the name of good fun, this recent match-up between Gucci Mane and Jeezy is overshadowed by a looming and tumultuous history.

And while some are cautiously optimistic that this opportunity will present room for personal growth between the former foes, others are fearful that tensions will rise as old wounds flare-up.

Both parties have since assembled legendary discographies, with Gucci and Jeezy boasting fourteen and soon-to-be-ten studio albums respectively.

Of course, Verzuz winners tend to be rather subjective, though seeing a clear narrative emerging on social media would certainly go a long way in validating one party over the other.

In one corner is Jeezy, standing on the eve of his tenth studio album The Recession 2 .In the other, Gucci Mane , the East Atlanta Santa himself, poised for another fruitful holiday season.

Who do you feel will emerge victorious when the dust settles and the viewers unleash a collective exhale of relief?

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