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Why Hearthstone players are so angry about the new season pass and what Blizzard can do to fix it

The front page of the Hearthstone subreddit is eerily reminiscent of the Blitzchung incident from a year ago—a tidal wave of negative posts about Blizzard's alleged greed and dishonesty has drowned out all other conversation.

The initial reward levels flew by and the system felt exciting and engaging… but the rate of experience gain was still murky in the client and per-level XP requirements weren't displayed at all.

The numbers didn't paint a great picture, and the fears from the initial survey seemed fully realized—the track was designed to take most of the expansion to complete, and would deliver less gold than players currently had in their accounts.

Many players plan to hoard packs while purposely limiting their day-one experience to avoid the fear of missing out once the dust well has run dry and new cards are inserted into boosters.

If I were in charge and had the leeway, I'd start by lowering all level requirements to 4,000 xp at maximum, giving a consistent feeling of progression and a nice bump to gold rewards while minimizing confusion.

Adjustments are something the team has made plenty of this year, as the pace of the game's feature growth has dramatically accelerated since the launch of Battlegrounds last November.

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