Where is GTA Online's new heist set? Map expansion leaks, clues and more

It’s been almost a year since Rockstar Games introduced the Diamond Casino Heist to GTA Online and fans have been desperate for another, action-filled robbery.

On November 19, Rockstar dropped their first video teaser for the new heist – posting a short clip to Twitter of security footage of a mansion and accompanying farm on a tropical island.

The video also showed a body washed up on a Los Santos beach, but it was the little details like a map that flashed for a brief moment that caught the attention.

On top of the small map, mansion, and farmland being shown, the teaser showed something called the ‘Rubio Dossier’ being loaded up.

As for when the new heist will be released, Rockstar hasn’t given an official date, but maintain it’s coming before the end of the year with their annual winter update.

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